The Cool Caps Make Waves Again: ‘Dreams Come True’ Hits Europe 1 FM Digital Daily A-List Playlist

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We are pleased to announce that the stunning new single ‘Dreams Come True’ from ‘The Cool Caps’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special POWERPLAY at 9 PM Amsterdam time every night for the next month.

As the calendar flips to April 26, 2024, fans of the eclectic German-Spanish duo, The Cool Caps, are in for a treat with the release of their newest single, “Dreams Come True,” complete with a captivating music video. This release marks the third from Raoul and Francisco this year alone, each song showcasing their linguistic versatility with tracks in German, Spanish, and now English. Is this a stroke of genius? It certainly adds a unique twist to their international appeal.

Dreams Come True: A Summer Anthem That Calls You to Love

“Dreams Come True” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem for the heart. The lyrics narrate a story of deep emotional connection and the joy of shared dreams. Raoul and Francisco delve into the profound impact of love that promises to light up the darkest paths and offer a beacon of hope and joy. The chorus is a powerful affirmation of love’s transformative power, set to the backdrop of The Cool Caps‘ signature sound—80s-inspired synths mixed with contemporary dance beats.

The accompanying music video is a visual treat that aligns perfectly with the song’s theme. Crafted to make viewers yearn for a life filled with love and adventure, the video complements the lyrical narrative with imagery that is as emotive as it is picturesque. Art directed by R.L. Ewler in Berlin, the aesthetic is a seamless blend of vintage and modern cues, making it a complete sensory experience.

The Evolution of The Cool Caps

Raoul and Francisco, the masterminds behind The Cool Caps, are no strangers to the music industry. With hits like “Boom Schakalaka,” “Sehnsucht,” and the provocative “La Loca Mama” under their belts, they’ve crafted a niche for themselves that transcends ordinary musical boundaries. Their work is not just heard; it’s felt. The joy they derive from music creation is palpable, and it resonates within their distinct sound, which combines robust synthesizer echoes from the 80s with the vitality of modern dance rhythms.

2024 looks to be a defining year for the duo; This is already the third new release this year. Their ongoing collaboration with DJKC promises to bring another club anthem into the mix, while a Nu Disco track and a Spanish song cater to varied musical tastes and cultural nuances. With each release, The Cool Caps continue to innovate, keeping their sound fresh yet familiar.

Looking Ahead: A Future Filled with Dreams and Love

As “Dreams Come True” hits the airwaves and digital platforms, it sets the stage for a summer of musical exploration and connection. The Cool Caps have consistently demonstrated their ability to blend cultural elements with universal themes of love and life. This track reaffirms their position in the music world as artists who not only produce sounds but also craft experiences.

For fans and new listeners alike, The Cool Caps offer more than just music. They offer an invitation to dream. With their track record of hits and the promising ventures outlined for 2024, the duo is not just around; they are on a trajectory that promises to elevate their musical legacy. Dive into the experience of “Dreams Come True” on platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify, and let The Cool Caps take you on a journey of melody, love, and dreams.

The journey with The Cool Caps is just getting started, and everyone is invited to join in the celebration of music that bridges hearts, cultures, and generations.

This is already the third new release this year from the German-Spanish pop duo The Cool Caps, consisting of Raoul and Francisco. One in German, then in Spanish and now another in English! Absurd or perhaps a touch of genius? With this song, they are going for international flair. In great anticipation, the two have announced the release of their latest single “Dreams Come True” for April 26. The perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer: Life is Calling! The song “Dreams Come True” tells of the intense feelings of love. The singer is deeply moved by his partner’s love and is inspired by it. Together they dream of a future full of adventure and bliss.



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