Listen to ‘Keep Keeping On’ by Godz Guy: Now on Europe 1 FM Digital’s Daily A-List Playlist

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We are pleased to announce that the new single ‘Keep Keeping On’ from ‘Benjamin Harris Jr’ aka ‘Godz Guy’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special SOULFUL POWERPLAY at 12 PM Amsterdam time for the next month.

Speaking about the song, Benjamin Harris Jr said “Keep Keepin’ On was written after going through a challenging time. The Lord encouraged me to tap into what He’d already placed inside of me. It was there, I found inspiration and encouragement to Keep Keepin’ On. Keep Keepin’ On was released on May 28th and is a song that is sure to encourage and inspire.

Benjamin Harris Jr., also known as Godz Guy, is a dynamic force in the contemporary Christian music scene. With an MDiv in Christian Theology from Regent University School of Divinity, this ordained minister is dedicated to promoting God’s official design on earth through his original music.

Godz Guy crafts and performs contemporary Christian songs that deliver a vital message about Jesus Christ. His tracks resonate deeply with listeners, offering spiritual nourishment and inspiration. Two of his standout singles, “You Are My Shepherd” and “Things,” exemplify his mission and musical prowess.

You Are My Shepherd” emerged from a profound spiritual experience during a 21-day consecration. Inspired by the Spirit of God, this song was birthed with a heartfelt message of divine guidance and care. In contrast, “Things” was conceived following an anointed service in Detroit, MI, capturing the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit during that event.

Godz Guy’s music is more than just melodies and lyrics; it’s a call to let Jesus be the shepherd of one’s life in all things, urging individuals to embrace God’s official design zealously given unto them. His logo, Godz Guy, stands as a testament to this mission.

Listeners are encouraged to download and stream these songs on their preferred platforms, and to support this ministry by subscribing on YouTube for updates on new releases. Following Godz Guy on Spotify and other platforms ensures you won’t miss out on his latest inspiring creations.

Join Benjamin Harris Jr., aka Godz Guy, on this musical and spiritual journey. Let his songs guide you towards being what God has officially designed you to be.

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