Jungle Leez’s Hot New Single ‘Like I Really Care’ Now on Europe 1 FM Digital’s Playlist

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We are pleased to announce that the hot new single ‘Like I Really Care’ from ‘Jungle Leez’ is now on our prestigious Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played daily as a special POWERPLAY at 9 PM Amsterdam time for the next month.

Jungle Leez, a Cameroonian-born and now London-based artist, is setting the music world ablaze with her innovative sound and introspective lyrics. Known for her unique blend of Alternative R&B, she brings a fresh and soulful rhythm to the genre, marked by thought-provoking lyrics that explore the complexities of life and human experience.

Jungle Leez’s career is marked by significant milestones, including winning the GAFA trophy in France as the best singer of African descent and opening for Princess Eud in Paris. More recently, she headlined the Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens in the UK, affirming her place in the music world.

The defining moment of her musical calling is reflected in the countless messages from fans who have been positively impacted by her songs. This deep connection with her audience drives her to continue creating music that resonates on a personal level, empowering listeners to embrace their own creative powers.

Looking ahead, she is now working closely with “Money in the Building”, music producer from Atlanta. Together, they will bring up her third album in 2024, a powerful piece of futurism, Soul, reggae, Hip-Hop & more. Jungle Leez has a rich catalogue of songs ready for release. This new chapter in her career promises more innovative music, captivating music videos, and exciting collaborations.

She continues to redefine the boundaries of R&B with her soulful innovation and introspective storytelling. With a vision that transcends traditional musical norms, she is an artist to watch closely in the ever-evolving landscape of global music. Stay tuned for her journey, and experience her unique artistic expression first hand through her latest single, “Like I Really Care.”

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