Wrong or Right: What is Troy’s New Song About?

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Are you eagerly waiting for 144 Troy’s new song? Well, it will not be anything less of a brilliance, which is something expected of the lad. 144 Troy is not like any other average musician, rather an all-rounder who can sing anything.

Whether it is hip-hop or pop, the guy can own the genre like his own and this is what people love about him. What makes troy stand out from his musical clan are his songs.

The guy doesn’t believe in folk tales and hence, creates composition based on real-life experiences, giving you a reality check each time! So, what new does the singer have under his sleeves? Wrong or Right is all set to take you by storm.

What is the Song About?

Wrong or Right is another spectacular work by 144 Troy and surely, a little different from what he usually does. The song is a sure reality check for couples who find it hard to manage their relationship. Also, this song is for everyone who has lost their love because no one ever accepted their mistake.

Troy has brilliantly highlighted and catered to the problem of modern couples, fighting over petty issues. These issues lead to a serious problem where both individuals torture each other with the blame game.

The song tells you how delicate relationships are and how one little thing can end them easily. Wrong or Right by 144 Troy revolves around broken hearts and heartaches. It tells you how sometimes it is necessary to accept your mistake and say sorry to save what is left of your relationship.

It is not about who is right and who is wrong. Rather love is all about giving your relationship more important than the issue itself and hence, Troy’s songs help you realize it.

Are You Excited?

Looks like the audience is already excited at the news of Troy’s new song. Why shouldn’t you? The song is for and all about the youngsters today. This song will help you understand your feeling and the importance of a relationship.

If you have been amongst the lucky ones to have found true love, do not lose it over small fights. Stop blaming one another because where love comes in, nothing else matters. 144 Troy’s song helps you understand where you can do better to save your relationships.

It is to soothe the broken hearts and calm you. This song is the song for the generation; dealing with their modern problems and helping them overcome the relationships issues. The song openly tells you that stop blaming each other for your faults and it is not okay to take crap from others.

If you are in such a relationship, move out because it is not worth your time or energy. Still, if it is of importance to you, both individuals should learn to move forward together. Troy’s Wrong or Right is a wonderful song that you should surely be excited about. 


Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IYhfS7RwSk
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/6aeLpQQDnwadWztxDIY74h?si=a39ii2_3TyaBkE_i_hqzFg

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