World-renowned Spanish singer ‘Elisa C. Martin’ is back with new studio album titled “Nothing Without Pain”.

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This work marks a new cycle in the career of the traditional Spanish singer and was released through the partnership Outono Music/Universal Music

The long wait of the fans has finally come to an end. On November 25th, the world-renowned Spanish singer Elisa C. Martin released the emotional and autobiographical studio album titled “Nothing Without Pain”.

In a technical preparation for this moment, the singer released several singles that received great reviews from the public and the specialized heavy metal press around the world.

The album was produced and recorded in Spain and Los Angeles, with the support of musician and producer Damien Rainaud (Dragonforce, Baby Metal, Fear Factory, among others) and renowned Brazilian guitarist Bill Hudson (Doro, Dirkschneider, Northtale, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) who participates in the tracks as guitarist.

“The Warrior”, as she is popularly known in the rock scene, compiled the result of years of work into 11 tracks. In these songs, she sings about her fears, pain, overcoming, passions and loves, and now the audience can live this high quality sound experience.

The complete digital album is available on the main streaming platforms and the work song is the energetic “No Fear”, whose title reflects on the persistence and determination of its own interpreter. The track has a music video, which is available on the singer’s YouTube channel.

Listen to the album “Nothing Without Pain”:

About the album, the Spanish singer comments: “Nothing Without Pain, no doubt about it, is the most special album of my entire career. In each of the songs I’ve written, you’ll find a piece of my life: joy, fear, sadness, struggle, love. Mostly, a lot of sincerity. They came from the bottom of my heart, without any censorship and without thinking about a particular style”.

The artist adds: “It’s a very inspiring album. I’m sure when you hear it, the music and lyrics will make you feel like you can handle anything. That you have to try one more time. That you deserve a second chance and, above all, that you have to move on when the life beats you up. Nothing is conquered without pain”.

 “I’m Elisa C. Martin, ‘The Warrior’, and I’m back to stay!”.

Check out the album’s tracklist below:

1 – No Fear

2 – Carry On

3 – The Winner

4 – The End

5 – Take off the Mask

6 – The Chosen One

7 – Songfory

8 – Dear Daddy

9 – No More

10 – My Land

11 – Songfory (Spanish Version) (Bonus Track)


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