Washington D.C. native ‘Naeem Terry’ is an American Singer, song writer, and rapper who releases ‘Letter to my Ex’

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Washington D.C. native Naeem Terry is an American Singer, song writer, and rapper. His main genre of music is R&B/Soul. Naeem fell in love with music at a very young age. Growing up in a family of music lovers, music was very present in his household. Some of Naeem’s early influences where artists such as D’Angelo, Usher, Bilal, and many other 90s R&B Artist. Naeem discovered his voice and started singing around the age of 14. During his teenage years Naeem discovered his gift of song writing and also taught himself to play the drums and the piano. Today, Naeem has done several performances at venues such as the Entertainment and sports Arena, Seat pleasant day parade, and other performances with local radio station WPGC 95.5.

Naeem has also had radio air play, and has had a radio aired interview with local radio stations. Naeem has recently released new music which you can find on all major streaming platforms such as ITunes, Apple music, tidal, Spotify, etc.

He says “For me music has always been an outlet and very therapeutic. The way that you can connect and relate to the artist, and really feel the emotion that they felt when making the song whether happy, or sad is amazing to me. Creating music however, is what I love and connect with the most. The feeling I get when creating is euphoric. When I’m creating it’s as if I am fulfilling my purpose in this word and in that moment I am right where I’m supposed to be; doing exactly what I was put here to do! It’s truly a high unlike any other. As an artist I just want to share my gift with the world by creating music that is real and authentic. Music that touches your soul when you hear it! I want to connect with people inspire people to follow your heart and do what makes you happy”.


Where To Buy Music
On all Major Platforms, Apple music, Spotify, Tidal, Youtube.

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