South Florida Singer/Songwriter ‘OKON’ is a cutting-edge artist who drops his full length album ‘Bring out the best’.

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South Florida Singer/Songwriter OKON is a cutting-edge artist who bridges the gap between American, Caribbean, and African music to create an innovative style that defies easy categorization. Having traveled the world collecting stories and soaking up musical influences, he has become an eclectic and magnetic artist.

His new album BRING OUT THE BEST is a collection of smooth, seductive songs years in the making.

OKON started singing before he could talk, developing a powerful blues inspired style that commands attention. His music addresses themes of individuality, perseverance, and self-expression. Accompanied by tropical rhythms and dance inspired productions, his songs are thoughtful and mature, but upbeat enough to bring a party to any dance floor.

Influenced by everything from John Coltrane to Prince and Tupac, his one of a kind style immediately grabs listeners attention and reveals new depths with every listen.

With the release of ‘BRING OUT THE BEST,’ OKON embraces a slick artistic dance style that emphasizes everything he does best. The melodies are sophisticated, the lyrics are inspired, and the end result is an instantly lovable album.

Recorded at West End Recording Studios and produced and mixed by Pete Masitti (Snoop Dogg, Toni Braxton, Shakira, Hootie and the Blowfish), these eight tracks will be the perfect introduction to a multicultural artist capable of guiding his listeners on a spiritual adventure with his music.


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