Dance into the Future: 2old2Kare’s Sonic Journey Through Time and New Single ‘No Stopping’

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2old2Kare, also known as Steve, crafts music that draws loose inspiration from 90’s dance, incorporating samples and sounds to infuse depth and atmosphere into the compositions. The creative spark can be ignited by diverse sources, ranging from favored samples to the emotions prevailing at the moment.

Steve’s affinity for music traces back to an early age, during a time when vinyl and tapes dominated the scene, necessitating weeks of saving pocket money for a single purchase. In his late teens, he managed to accumulate enough funds to acquire a Commodore Amiga, marking the commencement of his electronic music journey. This evolved into a collection of samplers, keyboards, drum machines, and DATs, accompanied by numerous floppy disks and a tangled web of midi cables, all lugged around to various recording studios in London.

Persisting for years at considerable personal cost, Steve found himself unable to fully cover the expenses. Consequently, in his early 20s, upon realizing the potential for a stable income in design rather than music, he redirected his focus and never looked back.

The onset of the pandemic prompted Steve to reflect on the finite nature of time to achieve dreams and goals. He tentatively returned to music, initially experimenting with GarageBand, only to discover his continued proficiency. Encouraged by positive feedback on his tracks, he decided to invest in contemporary tools, leading to publication and subsequently becoming part of his artistic history.

The latest single, “No Stopping!”, emerged from the idea of blending acid house sounds with high-energy dance, complemented by 70’s style guitar slides. The result is a composition that resonates strongly on a pure dance level.

Steve prioritizes the end listener, ensuring that the lossless sound and high production values make the music enjoyable for casual listening while maintaining excellence on a high-end hifi system.

For Steve, happiness takes precedence, emphasizing the importance of pursuing activities that bring joy and seizing every opportunity to shine. His work is accessible on various streaming services.


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