Free Mockingbirds’ Debut Single ‘Equanimity Yeah with Grit’ Takes the Blues-Rock Scene by Storm

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We’re thrilled to announce that the debut single, “Equanimity Yeah with Grit,” by Free Mockingbirds featuring Bruno SkyBlue, has earned a spot on our esteemed Daily A-List Playlist. Tune in day or night to catch this track, and for the next month, it will also be played daily as a special Blues Guitar Powerplay at 7:30 PM Amsterdam time.

“Equanimity Yeah with Grit (Instrumental ft. Bruno SkyBlue)” marks the debut release by Free Mockingbirds, showcasing the exceptional talent of lead guitarist Bruno Skyblue. Drawing inspiration from blues-guitar icons like Jimi Hendrix, Bruno’s prowess on the strings is truly remarkable. Free Mockingbirds embodies the spirit of Indie Blues-Rock, with Bruno’s skill rivalling that of esteemed artists such as John Mayer and Julian Lage, as well as other legendary blues guitarists.


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