W!G is back with her latest single ‘Escape Room’.

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Pop recording artist and songwriter W!G is back with her latest single Escape Room. After the success of her previous single Candy Land, W!G is sharing an entirely new side to herself and letting listeners in on some of the struggles in her life.

In her own words, “Escape Room has a darker energy than Candy Land. Although Candy Land was about losing your child-like innocent, it still painted a beautiful picture in the listener’s mind. Escape Room is a little darker and I think the listeners will feel that in both the production and the lyrics.”

As the modern production kicks in, a somber melody sung by W!G pulls the listener in. As the song progresses we hear W!G incorporate her signature melodic rap flows with a stripped back production that paints the picture of a barren party. Lyrically, we find W!G at the center of this party that she does not want to be a part of, as she feels she does not fit in. She cries out in the chorus, “I got my eye on the exit and I’m hanging by the door. Can’t lie I’m depressed and I can’t take it anymore. Put on a smile ‘cause if I don’t I lose. I can’t escape, I can’t escape this room!”.

W!G shares, “Escape Room is inspired by difficult times I have been through with false friendships and times where I felt like I just did not belong. I hope listeners will relate and realized that they are not alone, and that they too will push through any obstacles that come their way.

Escape Room is available on all streaming platforms


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