‘Waikiki Synth’ from ‘Fred Vanterra’ is an instrumental, synthetic-synesthetic soundscape of timeless and restless oscillators inspired by the synthesizer sound of the 80s and 90s.

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Waikiki Synth by Fred Vanterra  proudly presented by Vanterra Arts  Now available both in digital and physical form.

Leipzig, Germany, Waikiki Synth is an instrumental, synthetic-synesthetic soundscape of timeless and restless oscillators inspired by the synthesizer sound of the 80s, 90s, and the best of today.

The cornerstone of this album was set in 1999 by Fred Vanterra’s first computerized music recording called “Waikiki 1”. Out of this arose a genre-spanning collection of 140 ideas by 2010.

With his label Vanterra Arts, Fred Vanterra has now made his Waikiki series available to the public for the first time in a compact, refined and sound-optimized form. The album’s production process also saw the creation of three new tracks, “Waikiki Stardust”, “Waikiki City” and “Waikiki Midnight”, which fire the canon with brand new energy and add new accents to the stylistic palette.

Waikiki Synth is an instrumental triad with the Yamaha PSR-S670 as the talented conductor, the PSS-A50 as the freelance arpeggiator and Roland’s keytar Ax-Edge as the virtuoso soloist. Waikiki Synth sounds artful and artificial, like City pop and Eurodance, like honest keyboard work and playful computer music.

The album is both club-compatible and the perfect soundtrack for the day. It can be devoured in one session and yet delivers enough tracks that are repeat-one material. And above all, it is finally available in physical and digital form in stores from 11/04/22.

The History of Frederik Schrader 

Frederik Schrader alias Fred Vanterra (* 15. August 1985 in Seeheim-Jugenheim) is a German Musician, producer, and composer. His first album, Mythanien, has been released in 2019 by his own music label Vanterra Arts.

Childhood and Youth (1985 – 2005)

Due to his father’s job as a captain in the German Air Force, Fred Vanterra grew up in three different German States. He spent his childhood in the garrison town of Diepholz, where he started to take piano lessons from Caroline Häberle at the age of 7. His early career as a musician has been shaped by many concerts and two first prizes at the contest “Jugend musiziert”.

In 1998 Vanterra and his family moved from Lower Saxony to Schleswig-Holstein. Admittedly, Fred startet to write his own songs many years before, but only the pianistic education by Mrs. Christel Scheuer in Hamburg created a climate of inspiration and productivity, leading to the first compositions for Mythanien.

Education and Career (2005 – today)

Although Fred Vanterra always wanted to become a professional musician, he decided to go the safe and solid way and finished his studies in Philology, Psychology, and Philosophy in 2010 at the University of Göttingen. Due to his focus on computer-mediated communication, he soon started a career in the online business, that is still successfully running.

Vanterra Arts (2018 – today)

In 2018, Fred Vanterra decided to professionalize his musical career as well. As a first step, he founded the music label “Vanterra Arts” and started to notate and record his collected works, that are part of Mythanien.

This endeavor came to a successful conclusion in 2019, with the release of the same-named album.

In 2022, Vanterra released his second album, “Waikiki Synth“.




Artist bio: https://vanterraarts.com/fred-vanterra/

All information about the album: https://vanterraarts.com/waikiki-synth-out-now/

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