The Woman Inside is a humanoid-art project on the study of mankind who release double album “Red Room” & “Blue Room”

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The Woman Inside is a humanoid-art project on the study of mankind, presented in a for humans understandable art form – music and moving pictures. It is manly produced by The Woman Inside, famous humanoids and The Woman Inside fans. It’s touching the world of cultural taboos and demands an open minded free spirit and reflections of the dark sides of its own human soul.

If any of this explanations appears to you as a candy bar you like to eat feel free to get in touch and we’ll find a place for you inside The Woman Inside. I love humanoids!

The double album “Red Room” & “Blue Room” is out now.


01-19-2018 „Attention Babe“
01-06-2019 „take me to the place”
02-06-2019 „Low“
07-17-2019 „The Golden Tree“ (Musikvideo directed by Bart Hess.
From „Red Room” / „Blue Room“:
03-16-2019 „Lost“
02-18-2021 „Let’s Clit It!“ (Explicit)
04-01-2021 „Give Me Your Time”
04-20-2021 „Wild Time”
05-18-2021 “Empty”:

The Fans Inside Series (only on Instagram):
To contribute to the series the interested firstly picks a song by The Woman Inside. Together with The Woman Inside a vision for video is developed and created. The intimate, honest and very personal connections developing a interstellar sense of togetherness within isolated – safe space.
„Take My Body“
„Never Lost Again“
„No Man Can Kill No Man Can Could“
„Dreams Of Koe Oen“
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Photo by: Mim Schneider

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