The Canadian Superstar “FAMA$” Is Back With Another Hit Album Called “The POV”

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Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and award winning executive film producer FAMA$ has been making his way up the charts, landing him as the next big thing in the hip-hop, pop, and R&B community. With the help of Volunteer Media his highly anticipated debut full length album: “The POV” distributed by The Orchard (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment) is releasing today (May 20, 2022).

Leading up to the album’s release, FAMA$ has dropped several high profile singles including 2020’s FLY and LOVE. FAMA$’s music has picked up significant steam on platforms such as YouTube, and TikTok while also keeping dance floors moving all over the world.

FAMA$ is on a roll and keeping up what he’s known for best: releasing some of the hottest summer time tracks that the music community has ever heard. Not only does he hold a unique sound and style, he also has a deep passion for R&B and pop culture. His music contains lyrical content surrounding real-life issues experienced by many worldwide. In his interview with us he tells us that he is a modern day R&B connoisseur, on a mission to return rap to the days where it was more than simply a nice beat.

Starting out from the humblest of beginnings, the rising star FAMA$ was first given the name Faraz at birth, which means elevation in Arabic. From the time of his birth to the present, Faraz has constantly elevated himself, growing up to be a truly talented artist who is destined for long lasting success. Since the release of his first single ALREADY GONE (2018), Faraz has rocked stadium stages with the likes of American rapper T.I., connected with fellow Canadian artist’s Merkules and Lil Windex, and has followed up with multiple other single releases, including LOVE (2020) which has picked up significant steam on TikTok.

Be on the lookout for several new music video’s directed by the award winning Canadian filmmaker Stuey Kubrick as well as the release of FAMA$’s new studio album The POV (2022) featuring tracks with the likes of Hooper Turnt Sanger, Kimberley Chen and Tre Nyce.

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