Rhode Island artists ‘The P.M’ release passion packed 5 song EP ‘Forevermore’

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Rhode Island artists The P.M. reflect on love, loss, hope and life in their debut release of Forevermore. This passion packed 5 song EP will take you back to the screaming guitars and post grunge sounds of the 90’s while still bringing fresh, tight harmonies and radio pop flare.

Songwriter and vocalist Paul Philip describes his lyrics as intimately personal yet relatable for most. Paul states, “To me, a great song has to have good lyrics and a good beat. The type of lyrics that paint a picture without needing to explain every detail, and a beat that hits you deep in your chest.” The personal meaning behind each song is important to him but not essential for a listener to enjoy it for their own reasons.

Aside from creating and performing music, Paul is a motorcyclist whom you can often find cruising along the coast on his Fat Boy. He is also an animal advocate. He supports rescues and adoption agencies that help find foster animals permanent, loving homes.


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