MATD’s Inspiring New Single ‘Driftwood of Love’ with Johanna: A Musical Tribute to Unspoken Love

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‘Driftwood of Love’ is the new single from MATD Feat Johanna. This song is dedicated to those who never took their chances and gripped someone they were in love with! Life is short and we flow in the big sea of love. Sometimes we remember the time when we should have taken a step and do something be honest and fulfill our book of love! Is your book of love written?

MATD is Veli Eronen and Marcos Kuusjärvi.

Veli Eronen is originally from Finland and Marcos Kuusjärvi was born in Brazil, but moved to Finland when he was young. Today they work together with amazing musicians all over the world. It keeps them motivated and trying to reach new sounds and ways to produce their music. Originally name of the band was Max And The Ducks it was shortened 2020 to MATD. This is the first song release with talented Finnish singer Johanna.(Johanna Koskiniemi). MATD discovered her nice sound and asked her to work with this pop/rock oriented love story.

2013-2017 Original Max and the Ducks reached nine songs on official Finnish download chart. Reaching also number one song in 2015. A story based on Lewis Carroll book and movie by Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland. Song was a little more twisted than the original story is. Their most famous song today is “Me And My Dog”. It was also released this year.

Designer Päivi Anttila. Art and music collide.

Talented jewelry designer Päivi Anttila was inspired by the lyrics of the song and created a jewelry set to highlight the content and the message of the song. Her company has been granted with Design from Finland status and Finnish Keyflag logo/badge to indicate the Finnish design expertise.

Driftwood Of Love – Jewel is made of Finnish birch tree, glass beads and steel which figuratively of speaking are the elements of water, life and love. These amazing jewels can also be seen in the official music video worn by Johanna. They are available in the online store and are a perfect gift to someone you love.

About Johanna (Johanna Koskiniemi)

Johanna has always loved music and has been involved with music all her life. Johanna has studied piano, saxophone, and trumpet and has also taken singing lessons. She has also participated in various theater productions and has studied music and acting all the way abroad. While living in Texas she took voice lessons and took part in University Interscholastic League (UIL) competition, in individual vocal and rated superior, the top rating.

Johanna dreamed of recording for a long time, until one day she realized that nothing would stop her. So, a couple of years ago she decided to make this dream come true. The first couple of singles were made as covers of old, good hits. They both got a good amount of media attention and were very successful on various radio charts.

Johanna was also voted FinnRadio.FM’s hit artist of 2022. Enthusiastic and perhaps a little surprised by this, Johanna began to wonder if it would be possible to publish music made just for her. So, at the beginning of 2023, the song Tee mulle taivas (Make Me Heaven) was released. Its touching lyrics and delicate melody found its way into the hearts of people regardless of gender. This song also played well on various radio lists and received good attention in the media.

So what does Johanna have next in her dreams and plans? She has found new collaborators, Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen of the MATD band. Johanna gets to feature in the band’s new song ‘The Driftwood of Love’. This is Johanna’s first recording in English, and with this, of course, she would hope to gain visibility abroad as well. Driftwood of Love immediately moved Johanna from the first hearing. It contains a touch of maritime mysticism and the ever so topical longing for love and the search for it. The melody of the stanzas transports the listener in a hazy ethereal atmosphere, wondering if one could even die for love. In the chorus, the sea of love is already “storming” properly and urges you to grip the driftwood of love, i.e. surrender to being carried away by love, as Johanna describes.


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