Marcue drops a Diamond of a single with ‘Looked Away’

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It is always ironic that Jamaicans inertly find a way to excel at any challenge they engage.

For 20 something-year-old Marcue, born Mark Hudson Jnr, his sojourn into music came natural, as his father Mark Hudson claimed fame as the brainchild behind 90’s hit label StoneCold records, helped spawn a child that was immersed in music from birth.

British grown with yard sensibilities, his musical influences spilt outside the contemporary Dancehall driven, Reggae inspired music box, much to the annoyance of his father, who thought his junior would have eventually taken the helm.

Which he did. But not music.

A skilled cobbler, he learnt the skillset from his father, and after years of apprenticeship in England and Jamaica, he returned to the city of Portmore, in the parish of St. Catherine to start his repair shop with his mother Corinthia, and together they etched a solid reputation in Jamaica’s fastest-growing city.

But deep in his heart, Marcue’s love for music was exponential.

He would hone his unique soundscape by stepping outside of the contemporary Reggae/Dancehall spectrum to find his voice in entirely different genres after years of trials, efforts, and failures.

Almost a decade later he forayed into the homegrown music scene, releasing his highly anticipated debut with Buju Banton which, however, was shortcircuited due to a lack of due diligence on the part of his local management.

But the journey continued with no love lost.

After a brief hiatus and a chance meeting with Reggaeologist Lloyd Laing, he was introduced to the Miami based 10cube Production, which took the artist under its wing.

“It’s been a whirlwind 3 months with 10Cube, and to see my music moving into the mainstream…” quipped Marcue, “I have very few words to describe the positive energy around my music right now, but it’s been great seeing it evolve”.

The Miami based 10Cube Production outfit is mining Marcue into the mainstream with homegrown talent.

The visuals and buzz for his upcoming UMG release were done by Skankn.Co, a new Jamaican based music-driven, brand activation agency that caught the eye of 10Cube CEO Lorenzo Dixon on Instagram.

“It’s important to connect with the talent that can tell a story, that will allow a label of any size to engage with an audience to sell a song” stated Lorenzo, “It’s that simple…and that’s what 10Cube’s new label is all about.”

With over 30,000 organic views on youtube in less than 30 days reaffirms Marcue’s potential as a homegrown synthwave artist.

but yet again, from science to music, Millie Small To Spice…and everything in between, Jamaicans have earned the uncanny ability to make their presence felt.

So keep an eye on Marcue.

Look out for Marcue’s new digital release of “Looked Away” courtesy of Universal Music Group on July 9th 2021, available on all major digital music platforms.

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