Lÿnx are an 80s-inspired Hard Rock / Glam Metal four-piece who release new E.P ‘Long Live Rock n’ Roll’

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Hailing from Canada, Lÿnx is ready to rock with their second EP ‘Long Live Rock n’ Roll’. This four-piece Rock band has been working hard to produce a 80s inspired heavy sound which you can feel from the opening riff of the title track ‘Long Live Rock n’ Roll’ to the awesome Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’ cover.

This EP will surely bring you back to a time long gone but not forgotten. Following up their first self-titled EP which was released earlier this year, Lÿnx leans in a bit of a heavier direction providing a fast-paced ride to the end of this 6 track EP.

The first track ‘Long Live Rock n’ Roll’ is one that will get everyone moving with a tribute to many classic 80s rock bands while adding the signature Lÿnx sound.

Followed by the song ‘Irresistible’ comes in hot just like that one beautiful woman whom you see walking down the streets and may want to impress.

 ‘Crazy Crazy World’ delivers an anthem to the current world we live in & brings a fast paced well written banger to the EP.

‘Red Rocket’ is about those dirty dog days of summer where you just want to blast off and initiate launch sequence on this killer track.

 The only ballad in this EP, ‘Forged in Fire’ is a song to inspire you to follow your dreams and passion just like what these boys are trying to do every day.

‘Paranoid’ as we all know and love is one of the godfather tracks of Heavy Metal and with the 51st anniversary of the classic albums release, the band wanted to tribute the track with their own version.

In an interview, the band said “With the crazy times ahead we want to look back to a simpler time and bring back the good old 80s rock sound on original tracks. This EP is one that you can listen to over and over again and we’re excited to share it with the World.”


Lÿnx are an 80s-inspired Hard Rock / Glam Metal four-piece currently based in Calgary, Canada. Formerly known as Lazer Blade, the band was formed during the 2020 pandemic, beginning as a collaboration between vocalist Lazer Wild and lead guitarist Blade. Bassist Fangs & Drummer Flash joined the band soon after & Lÿnx were formed.

Connected by a shared love of 80s glam metal and hard rock, the four-piece immediately set about writing original songs that embody the style and swagger of the past, while embracing the polished production and down to Earth grit of their more modern rock influences. Lÿnx released their first self-titled EP with Bullzhorn Records, Canada. The songs are currently streaming on all major digital streaming platforms. Physical copies (CDs) are currently available in major record stores in Calgary, Canada and also on their official website. Having gained a reputation for their anthemic choruses, sizzling guitar solos and powerhouse vocals, Lÿnx have garnered a dedicated and eclectic international fan base.

Eager to hit the stage and connect with audiences as soon as it is safe to do so, the band have in the meantime been working on a second EP, which aims to build on the momentum created by their debut and push their sound into even more extreme and rock and roll places.

On September 15, 2021, the band released their second EP ‘Long Live Rock n’ Roll’ produced
by Bullzhorn Records in Canada.


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