Inspired by Surf trips in Bordeaux, ‘Duck Dive’ is the hot new single from ‘Gobi’.

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‘Duck Dive’ is the new single from ‘Gobi’. Talking about the single Gobi says “The new single was inspired by the surf trips I took with a friend in January near Bordeaux. “Duck Dive” refers to diving under a wave to surpass the incoming waves and approach the horizon and the spot outside in the sea where you can wait for the waves. I started the track in my home studio by recording the guitar together with my girlfriend. One week later, when I returned from the surf trip, I rediscovered the loop and felt so inspired that I decided to turn it into a complete track. My next projects will focus on spontaneity, creating tracks that are not limited by what I have done before.

Talking about his influences and musical career to date, Gobi continues “I grew up with music listening to lot’s of rock music, like Radiohead and Nirvana or other popular musicians like Bob Marley and Miles Davis. At the age of 6 I started playing the guitar and never stopped until today (23y/o). Two years later we started a band with my brother and some friends, playing some cover songs and our own compositions. With the age of 13 I discovered HipHop and Rap music which is until this day one of my main genres that influence me. At the age of 17 I discovered music producing and became in love with it as I was always loved music. For two years I am djing and I’m starting to dive deeper into electronic music which will soon be heard in my sounds. I have a total of over 11 Million streams and around 40-50k monthly listeners”.




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