Denver’s Rising Star, Ezzyyy, Strikes a Chord with ‘Reciprocated’: An Anthem of Self-Love and Musical Versatility

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Based in Denver, Colorado, Ezzyyy (eh-zee) introduces his latest single titled “Reciprocated.” The song delves into the theme of sacrificing for someone you love, only to realize they might not reciprocate those actions. Ultimately, it leads to choosing oneself. Ezzyyy prides in pushing the boundaries of sound innovation, keeping listeners on their toes with unexpected musical elements.

Influenced by the likes of Ne-Yo, Bryson Tiller, Trippie Redd, and Drake, Ezzyyy admires their versatility and aims to mirror that quality in their own music. Exploring various musical styles is a key aspect for the artist, believing that immersion in different genres fosters the development of a unique sound.

Beyond creating music, Ezzyyy’s purpose lies in sharing personal insights and experiences through storytelling, aspiring to inspire others through these narratives.


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