Bahamian-born US veteran ‘IBRU’ drops a stunning new single titled ‘Lady Of My Dreams’.

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Bahamian-born US veteran, IBRU, has recently released a new single titled “Lady Of My Dreams,” produced by Miami-based Radical Roots for Kohanim Records.

The single is a mix of island rhythms and contemporary beats, showcasing IBRU’s musical talent and has already garnered some attention, with close to 20,000 views on the YouTube visualizer and close to 5000 streams on Spotify in the first week of release.

The track’s success can be attributed to its blend of traditional Caribbean music elements and modern production techniques, creating a catchy melody and infectious rhythm. IBRu’s ability to blend traditional Caribbean sounds with contemporary US styles has is earning him a reputation as one of the emerging independent Caribbean inspired acts coming out of Miami.

IBRU, the Caribbean-bred US-based artist known for his unique fusion of dancehall and pop style hooks, has announced the upcoming release of his latest single “Lady of My Dreams”.

The highly anticipated single is set for release in on April 14th, 2022 and is executive produced by his own Kohanim Record under the guidance of Miami-based production house Radical Roots. Ibru’s style and lyrics reach out to his audience, bringing a fusion of dancehall and pop-style hooks to a variety of dancehall riddims.

His lyrics show his down-to-earth and real nature, connecting with the youths on the streets, as well as the more mature crowd who can relate to the musical palette his music defines. As an Iraqi War veteran with humble beginnings, Ibru puts a unique spin on his music, and he is not apologetic about bringing awareness to or standing up for the plight of normal people facing the struggles of life.

His sing jay style is always punchy and gravitational, drawing in his fans to lock in for the exciting ride. “Lady of My Dreams” promises to be another chart-rocking hit, with Ibru’s signature style and catchy hooks.

“I’m excited to share my latest single with the world,” said Ibru. “Lady of My Dreams” is a song that speaks to the heart, and I can’t wait for my fans to hear it.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the release of “Lady of My Dreams” and other exciting projects from Ibru.


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