‘Venus Smile…Retrograde’ is the beautiful and melodic new EP from ‘Alpha Cat’.

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‘Venus Smile… Retrograde’ is the new EP from ‘Alpha Cat’. Alpha Cat’s latest EP, “Venus Smile… Retrograde” is a deeply introspective and emotionally charged record that explores the theme of heartbreak and self-discovery. The lead singer and songwriter, Elizabeth McCullough, lays her heart bare in each of the four tracks on this EP, drawing from her personal experiences to create a raw and authentic sound that is both captivating and cathartic.

The EP’s standout track, “Orbit (Rx),” is a poignant and hopeful reflection on the current state of the world, where division and extremism seem to be on the rise. McCullough’s voice is layered over dreamy, guitar riffs creating a powerful and introspective soundscape that speaks to the longing for connection and unity. “Venus Smile… Retrograde” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the power of music to heal and uplift, and it solidifies Alpha Cat’s place as one of the most talented and compelling indie rock bands around.

Alpha Cat started as a band, and morphed into a collective. In the mid-90’s Elizabeth McCullough, a photographer who had begun writing songs on her own, ran into some old acquaintances. One was James Mastro, whom she had photographed while he was in the Bongos. She asked if he would listen to some of her 4-track demos. He happened to be in the market for pix for his new project the Health & Happiness Show, which at that time included former Television guitarist Richard Lloyd. McCullough and Lloyd got to talking, and Lloyd agreed to play on the first studio demo of McCullough’s songs. The Mastro connection also led to a friendship with Television bassist Fred Smith, who agreed to produce a new demo, and ended up co-producing two Alpha Cat CDs.

The Waitresses Chris Butler, who is known for such 80’s dark-happy hits as I Know What Boys Like and Christmas Wrapping, wrote a review of an early London show for Britain’s “Get Rhythm” magazine. In it he described Alpha Cat’s work as “funny, intense and surprisingly beautiful, ‘how the fuck do you steer this thing called life’, songs.” How much truer now than then.






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