The release of “How to Flex” by ‘Intelligent Diva’ featuring ‘Sean Kingston’ is coming soon on 23 Dec 2022.

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The release of “How to Flex” by Intelligent Diva featuring Sean Kingston follows the unstoppable success of recent single “Stop Calling Me”, which peaked at number 15 in the US and spent 16 weeks in the top 50 airplay charts (as well as her hit singles User and Baby I love You which ranked in the top 10 globally on Billboard R&B and Mainstream Charts powered by BDS. Baby I Love You ranked at #4 and User ranking at #1 for two consecutive weeks. Her single Sinner’s Prayer has ranked at #21 on Billboard also and the Top 50 Gospel Airplay Charts and Independent Charts in the US and Europe.

Thrilling, unapologetic, liberated, and definitely giving us boss vibes ‘How to Flex’ was a single written by Intelligent Diva and Sean Kingston. Intelligent Diva wrote her lyrics with the focus on synch licensing in the niches of health and wealth. For those who are entrepreneurs, celebrities, or in the field of selling luxury items such as cars, homes, travel, and jewelry.  It’s focused on wealth and health. For the entrepreneurs and people with careers you can have whatever you want, when you put in your hard work.

From a health perspective you can flex your muscles and gluts from working out and being fit.  For entrepreneurs and people with careers, where there is a buyer, you will need a seller. This is where the sellers of luxury cars, homes and jewelry come in, where the single could be utilized for marketing to sell the audience who is seeking to buy luxury cars, homes, jewelry, fashion brands or becoming fit. She wanted her song to be used for synch licensing and aimed for it while writing the song.

Intelligent Diva to isn’t settling for anything less. Save the date “How to Flex” will be dropped on December 23, 2022. You can also presave it now using this link

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