Shot at the gorgeous Topanga Canyon Beach, ‘Jesica Yap’ releases new single and video ‘Holding Strong’

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Jesica Yap’s new video, “Holding Strong,” premiered on April 13, 2022. The music video starts in black and white, a haunting throwback to the 1942 hit movie, Casablanca. The music video itself took 2 days to shoot . It was shot at Jesica’s home studio, and at the gorgeous Topanga Canyon Beach. Watch it now.

‘Holding Strong’ was written written during the hardest and lowest point of my life. There were many times that I couldn’t express what I felt and said what I wanted to say. There are times when I just wanted to scream out loud or just cry it out when life gets so hard. Times and moments like this help me to be creative. I usually journal my thoughts, my feelings and turn it into song(s). This song talked about how hard it was to get back up when going through the rough times in life. I hope this song can resonate with you or accompany you in your toughest time. Feelings are temporary. Our stories will not stop there. Do you want to meet that strong person in your life? Look in the mirror and you’ll see that person. It’s not
easy, but keep holding strong… We’ll get through it all. All we need is to hold space for ourself.”

“Holding Strong,” was written as an intimate conversation between the piano and the vocal. Different reverbs were used to give a sense of space and dreamy feelings. Holding strong is easy listening music but also has a gospel feel, delivered through the backing vocal representing a sense of empowerment.

With the background Jesica has as a composer for visual media, she loves to experiment and write songs that tells the story through her vocals. In this track you can hear hopeless, breathy, heavy vocals to open the song and later the vocal evolves to be more energetic. Climaxing in the bridge, the scenes slowly start changing from black and white to color, a subtle way to show the audience and listeners an important message. Hold Strong.

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Jesica Yap is an Indonesian-born composer for the visual media, a music producer, a pianist, singer songwriter and a piano teacher (coach) residing in Los Angeles, California. On April 5th, Jesica won 16 LIT Awards in the following categories: Songwriting, piano composition and piano playing. January 30, 2022, Jesica won the California Semifinals 1st place in Ensembles category playing piano duo with her sister for the Music International Grand Prix under the name JJ Dua. On January 27, 2022 Jesica received two bronze medals from the well-known international competition, The Global Music Awards, for her song “Shine Your Light.” November 05, 2021, Jesica was nominated for HMMA (Hollywood in Media awards) in the New Age/ Ambient category for her piano composition titled “The Journey.” On September 16, 2021, Jesica received two bronze medals from the well-known international competition, The Global Music Awards, for her song “Six Feet Apart.” In 2019, she won her 2nd HMMA (Hollywood Music and Media Awards), and in 2018, she was nominated for a Jerry Goldsmith Awards and won her 1st HMMA.

Music Credit:
Lyric, Music, Vocal, Piano & Background vocal performed by Jesica Yap
Produced by Jesica Yap
Vocal Recording Engineered & Produced by Julian Chan Audio
Audio Mixed & Mastered by Julian Chan Audio
Video Credit: Videography and Photography by Joanne Leung Photography
Directed by Julian Chan
Produced by Jesica Yap

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