Rezilience is an Artist/Songwriter/CEO of her own Indie label ‘Kee Creatives’ who drops ‘Strawberries & Pink Champagne’

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Rezilience is an Artist/Songwriter/CEO of her own Indie label “Kee Creatives.” Richmond, Virginia is where she currently resides. Singing and entertaining since her first kindergarten performance as the “Pony Tamer, ” in the class’s circus production she has always had a love for the Arts. Be it singing/rapping/acting/dancing just creating in general has been a blessing and she says it is a great way to continuously express herself though her art.

Her current single, “Strawberries & Pink Champagne,” is a romantic bop which has a lot of Prince influenced flavor. It is a record about feelings you experience when you believe you met the “one” and different stages you go through,” (Like talking on the phone all night and not wanting to hang up.” LOl, Rezilience is an optimist. A talented songwriter she can write for herself as well as others.

She believes the sky is the limit and there’s absolutely nothing she can’t accomplish without the help of the Lord in her many endeavors. Along with her singing her MC skills shine just as bright and she always gives it her all when put to any task. Bringing joy, spreading love, and sharing her God-given gifts as a whole are just some of the things that are important to her.


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