Reign RoseGold releases ‘Stupid’ (Revamped)

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Born on the West Coast, Reign RoseGold moved to Detroit, Michigan, one of the capitals of music, at a fairly young age, and began following her dream of becoming a rap artist. According to her, it all started when she heard world-renowned artist Kanye West rapping with his jaw wired shut. Even through the radio, as a five year old kid, Reign RoseGold felt the immense passion that Kanye put in his music, and felt it answered something inside her own soul. 

Over the years, Reign RoseGold has been rapping more or less continuously, drawing her influences from her idol, Nicki Minaj, as well as other famous artists, like Lauren Hill. But like any good artist, she’s drawn inspiration from these amazing people, and combined it with her own ideas and style, which makes her music truly unique. 

Now, Reign RoseGold is breaking out as a rap and hip-hop legend in her own right. Her music is fresh and exciting, since it blends together elements of both old and new. For instance, much of her beats have a modern, current vibe to them, as do her raps, but the visuals are all 90s-style. As someone who grew up with The Fresh Prince of BelAir reruns, Reign RoseGold’s basing much of her visual style on that precise flashy neon style that the Fresh Prince made so famous. 

Her music is a delightful journey into the past for some, while for others, it’s exactly what they needed to come into the 21st century, and discover their next rap idol. A truly gifted young woman, Reign RoseGold uses her heavy, often tragic backstory to make her stronger, and help her write quality tunes that will hopefully do the same for other people, as well. Having lost her mother, grandmother, and partner, all in quick succession, RoseGold has seen her fair share of pain, but rather than let it get her down, she’s drawn inspiration from it and become a better artist and a better person for it. 

She’s had immense success with her recent live appearance at the Respect the Underground Showcase, and she’s willing to get down and rap starting from practically any cue. It’s both through her skill and her stage presence that Reign RoseGold has earned her place as one of the most exciting rap artists of 2021.

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