Non-binary edm artist ‘Carly Ozard’ offers huge vocals supporting a message of positivity on new single ‘Carry On’.

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Non-binary edm artist Carly Ozard offers huge vocals supporting a message of positivity. Constantly shining a light on change and equality, CARRY ON is the first song she ever wrote, in a tiny pink trailer in Nashville, Tennessee. The journey to bring this song to life almost ten years later is a testament in perseverance. They are thrilled to have worked with Leo Frappier and feature ODIN and Jerry Herrera on guitar and banjo.

They infuse their songs with lyrics of hope, basing their songs on their own experiences. This was written after a close friend lied about something for six months, and they didn’t know what to do with the situation. “There’s no time for choosing sides, we need to pick who’s in our lives. Hold you’re heart and keep it strong, and I know we’ll carry on” is all about how to pick up after a betrayal and move forward. If you’re in that situation, turn this up, dance it out, get your journal, and start writing.


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