Introducing Soffwear: A Throwback Soul Group led by MC Shep with hot new single ‘Eleanor Rigby (Homeless People)’ on the London FM Digital Playlist now.

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The head of music for said that he loved the new single ‘Eleanor Rigby (Homeless People)’ from ‘Soffwear’ and has put it on the A-List playlist. Listen out for this incredible cover version of The Beatles classic with a twist on the playlist now + as a special Powerplay at approx 8 PM UK Time every night for a month or more.

In 2023, Soffwear, a sensational throwback soul group, takes the stage with their mesmerizing cover of The Beatles’ classic hit, “Eleanor Rigby.” Embarking on a soulful journey, Soffwear effortlessly blends the soulful charm of the ’80s with infectious funk-pop grooves, breathing new life into this timeless song.

As the intro kicks in, listeners are transported to a retro soundscape filled with lush synthesizers and grooving basslines that instantly captivate the senses. The rhythmic pulse of the drums sets the stage for the enchanting duet of the two lead vocalists, who flawlessly harmonize their captivating voices.

Soffwear, a remarkable throwback soul group, emerges as the brainchild of the talented MC Shep. When he’s not gracing the stage alongside other artists, MC Shep can be found in his music lab, tirelessly crafting unique arrangements that are set to be unleashed on future release dates. With a background as a music major and a seasoned musician, MC Shep thrives on the challenges presented by the ever-evolving music scene.

MC Shep’s composition style is a testament to his versatility, capable of creating music that moves your body, uplifts your spirit, and helps you momentarily escape life’s pressures. Whether you’re craving a dance floor anthem or a feel-good groove, MC Shep has the uncanny ability to deliver.

Soffwear’s latest release, “Eleanor Rigby (Homeless People),” is now making waves worldwide. This poignant rendition of the iconic song sheds light on the lives of homeless people, bringing attention to their struggles and inviting listeners to empathize with their experiences. With its captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics, “Eleanor Rigby (Homeless People)” is a powerful addition to Soffwear’s growing repertoire.

As this soulful throwback group continues to capture audiences’ hearts, Soffwear’s music serves as a reminder that music can be a force for change, compassion, and unity. With MC Shep at the helm, Soffwear’s musical journey is poised to touch the lives of people around the world, one soulful note at a time. Stay tuned for more extraordinary releases from this talented group as they pave their way through the ever-evolving music landscape.

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