‘Hannah Gold’ Is Saying No to Toxic Exes in ‘They Always Come Back’

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Pop/R&B inspired songstress Hannah Gold is back with her latest single They Always Come Back and this time the recording artist, songwriter, and producer is saying no to the toxic relationships of her past.

Featuring Hannah’s clear and pristine tone atop a modernized and trap-influenced production, Hannah sings “Now you want me back I’m sure, let me show you, here’s the door.” As the chorus comes in, Hannah reminds others that may have been in her situation that those toxic partners, “they always come back for more” and that you should let go, and move on, leaving them in the past.

She shares, “I hope that listeners can relate to the chaos of a toxic ex partner constantly trying to win them back. I want listeners to realize that they are strong enough to say no, let go, and move on. It isnt always in your best interest to repeat old patterns by returning to a failed relationship that both partners gave up on. I hope listeners realize that holding on to something because its familiar isnt always the best option. Sometimes its better to prioritize yourself and find what makes you happy. Rekindled relationships usually end for the same reason they did the first time around. Learn from your mistakes, improve yourself, and try again with someone new.

They Always Come Back is available on all streaming platforms.


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