Gekesha Johnson Releases her new single “My Baby”

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“Singing and music has always been a passion for me, since my childhood”, in GEKESHA JOHNSON’S exact words.

She was born on March 25, 1983 in Birmingham, Alabama; a second daughter of four girls brought up by a single mother.

Always withdrawn from almost everybody, making beats in my head, singing along and writing songs.

Through my years, I’ve always been chasing my dream, though, been cautious of rejection and dreading it. Even when I was a kid, I and my sister would make music.

When I was 11, my older sister and I with a cousin sung for this producer, but nothing came out from it.

Sometime later, at age 13, I and my older sister with her best friend formed a girl group we named Y&I (young and innocent) but it was later disbanded. I loved singing and music has always been a way I express myself to the world.

I kept going with music and singing over the years and was improving myself and my music, I went for the audition of American Idol and X factor, both rejecting me. I was still singing and doing music, not broken down or depressed.

Later, in the year 2015, I released some of my random music and moved forward, but that same year, I lost someone dear to me, my mother passed away.

I completely shut down and devastated after her death and decided I would never do music anymore. I felt like there was no reason to sing anymore.

After grieving and wallowing for a very long time, the passion and inspiration of music and singing lit me up once again and I returned to music.

Before she left me, and passed away, she told me to keep going, and now I am going to keep going.

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