‘Don’t Wanna B Urs’ is the new single from ‘Jill Jay’.

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‘Don’t Wanna B Urs’ is the new single from ‘Jill Jay’. This single is about being in a messy relationship that causes more heartache, confusion and pain than good feelings. It’s about taking a step back and realizing you don’t even have the same initial desires to be with that person anymore. The relatable lyrics in this song is what connects it to so many people. We’ve all been with somebody that has not treated us right, well this song is about walking away from those kinds of people, stepping into your worth and saying hey, “I don’t wanna be yours anymore.”


– Born and raised in Long Island, New York
– She is 23 years old
– Grew up in a very musical family
– Her dad is also a singer
– Been singing since age of 11 years old
– Started songwriting around the age of 16
– Did it for fun then eventually fell in love with it and started taking it more seriously when I started studio recording
– She doesn’t like to tie herself to one specific genre as her music style and taste is constantly evolving, however currently she is mainly into R&B, Indie Alternative, Pop, Surf Rock, and Tropical House.
– Jill Jay’s versatility is what makes her sound and craft so unique to other artists
– Has reached over Over 200,000 Spotify streams
– Considers herself very spiritual
– She believes her melodies and lyrics are channelled through divine source/ God
– A lot of her inspiration comes from nature/ the outdoors
– She is a model and loves fashion
– She loves drawing, painting, photography, acting.

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2puYxIHCN9j0V3tBP24QbB
IG: @jilljayy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jilljaymusic
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@jilljayy

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