Diverse UK London based singer/songwriter ‘TaniA Kyllikki’ drops her 5th single ‘Remind Me’

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TaniA Kyllikki NEED’S REMINDING!!!!! As recently teased, the diverse UK London based singer – songwriter has released her 5th single called, ‘Remind Me’ on 24th June 2021. Recently drawing the attention of Ne-Yo, the ‘Lie With Me’ singer – songwriter was approached by 3x Grammy Award winning R&B Hit-Maker to record an intro presenting TaniA’s new song to the world. This is available to hear on all of TaniA’s social’s. With memorable lyrics and music that has a sexy chilled R&B sound to it, with elements of a more energetic hip hop sound in the chorus.

TaniA Kyllikki, manages to really pull you in with ‘Remind Me,’ by singing in her beautiful sultry whispers in the verses. Through-out other parts of the song, TaniA can be heard singing her signature head voice belts that are strong and angelic sounding. Leading into a faster catchy rhythmic flow as the chorus progresses. Written and performed by TaniA Kyllikki, and released under her own virtual label ‘Kyllikki Records.

TaniA’s new song ‘Remind me,‘ is throwing out hints to her fans about missing being intimate with her fiance` and music partner Garry D. Hairston. Who both haven’t seen each other in over a year due to the flight bans caused by the pandemic. With us all being in a worldwide pandemic for over a year now, the need to be intimate again with our long distance partners is something many of us can relate too. TaniA’s most recent heartfelt single ‘WHY’ hasn’t stopped moving since it’s release.

Reaching over 100K on her official music video in under 3 weeks on her YouTube channel. 242K on Spotify, as well as over 23K on a fan made lyric video on YouTube. TaniA’s most popular release ‘Lie with me’ has over 400K on Spotify, and isn’t far from reaching one million hits in total from all the platforms it’s been featured on. ‘Remind Me’ released 24th June 2021, has the potential to achieve the same success if not more, considering the amount of attention it’s already gained, from all the teasers TaniA has shared with her fans before it’s most recent release.

A remix of ‘Remind Me’ is also in the works. With an electronic dance, garage & house sound. Available at the end of July 2021. Produced and released by Award Winning UK based, DJ Jo Paulo. And it doesn’t stop there, TaniA has also been very busy writing, recording her up and coming album also, named W.H.Y, due for release 30th November 2021.



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