Carroll Love is back on the scene with a new studio release: More Than 90 Proof.

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An excellent blend of rock and Nashville-style country.

Artist and songwriter Carroll Love has been perfecting his own creative blend of influences, with a sound that feels fresh, dynamic and direct. The artist’s music is a perfect bridge between the edge of rock and the appeal of modern country, with lush guitar tones and huge sounds. Carroll recently hit the mark on his latest release project, More Than 90 Proof. This is a huge milestone for the artist, and a testament to his astonishing creativity and depth of sound. The music has a modern, larger-than-life feel, but it also features many astonishing elements that set the bar higher with every section. The verses have a steady, raw edge, while the hooks go even further, with some amazing layers of melodies and additional ornaments, making the music all the more diverse and engaging as a whole.

This is highly recommended if you are a fan of authentic country-rock, or any music that’s made with personality, passion and vision.

Find out more about Carroll Love and check out More Than 90 Proof, which is currently available on the web.

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